story by Carlos Wadkins, Quiver Watts and TJ Johnston

Sen. Scott Wiener at a housing forum in 2019. His recent calls for changing the criminal justice system is contradicted by his previous defenses of abusive cops and pro-police legislation. Photo by Paul Morigi via Flickr

story by TJ Johnston

A queue forms outside the MSC South drop-in center on a recent afternoon. Photo by TJ Johnston

story by TJ Johnston

San Francisco voters passed a measure that authorizes city officials to remove homeless tents with only 24 hours’ notice. Photos by Lynn Friedman/Flickr

by TJ Johnston

Elaine speaks at a press conference on April 21, 2016. Two weeks earlier, a homeless man was killed by San Francisco police near a homeless encampment in the Mission District. Video by Kelley Cutler

Homeless encampment in South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco. Authorities have been sweeping areas where homeless people live throughout the city. Photo by Lynn Friedman/Flickr

A man naps in Golden Gate Park. Police in San Francisco ticket homeless people for sleeping in parks overnight, camping and, as of 2013, being in the park after closing hours. Photo by Bryan P. Smith/Flickr

Volunteers note if street people are single or part of a family unit, youth or adults. They also look for signs of shopping carts, encampments and vehicular housing, and also if they have pets. Photo by Grace Y. Lim/Flickr

TJ Johnston

Freelance journalist in San Francisco covering homelessness and other local political issues. Opinions my own. RTs do not necessarily mean endorsements.

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